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    Knowing the Episodes Before You Buy a Rick and Morty T-shirt


    You aren’t alone if you’ve become interested in the hit animated comedy Rick and Morty. Made by “Community” writer Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty is an off-the-wall sci-fi inspired story about a crazy doctor and his timid nephew. The show boasts a lot of memorable moments, wacky locations and characters, and easily referenceable comedy, making it a spiritual successor of sorts to the early Simpsons, the catchphrases of which were slung around constantly during the 90s. Rick and Morty, again similar to the Simpsons, has inspired the creation of an incredible number of products that show off a love of the show. Whether you’re looking for a Pickle Rick poster or a Rick and Morty t-shirt, you’ll be happier with your product if you broaden your knowledge of the episodes. This blog will help you do just that, exploring some of the most famous episodes so you know all the references and iconic moments.

    1. The Rickshank Rickdemption

    With the title making a play off of the famous, emotionally powerful prison movie “the Shawshank Redemption,” episode one of season three had two major pressures weighing on its shoulders. It was the first episode of a season that was almost ridiculously anticipated, and it was named after one of the most highly-rated movies of all time. Despite the high bar that had been set for it, The Rickshank Rickdemption turned out to be one of the series most successful episodes.

    The episode was the source of the viral social media obsession with McDonald’s Mulan Szechuan teriyaki dipping sauce that resulted in McDonald’s locating a bottle of the sauce that had been in storage since the mid-90s and sending the bottle to the writing team of Rick and Morty.

    2. Total Rickall

    Another episode named after a popular movie, Total Rickall opens with a twist of viewer expectations. The episode is a bit of a hilarious mind-bender, having Rick and Morty confront an invasion of parasites that reproduce through memories. This results in an absurd shootout with an alien race that doesn’t unfold quite like many viewers expected it to.

    Total Rickall pushed the envelope of the show’s comedy, making darker and riskier jokes than the show had previously undertaken. In this case, such a risk paid off, leaving Total Rickall as the highest rated episode until it was dethroned by The Rickshank Rickdemption. An iconic image of the cast of characters wielding futuristic weaponry in action-movie poses is a common feature of Rick and Morty t-shirts.

    3. Rest and Ricklaxation

    Taking the #3 spot in popularity of episodes, Rest and Ricklaxation also, interestingly, marks the third popular episode with a Rick pun in the title. Rest and Ricklaxation follows Rick and Morty’s unsuccessful attempt to relax after a particularly strenuous adventure. Unfortunately, their stress relief takes on complications of its own.

    An iconic image from this episode is of Rick and Morty sitting in the cockpit of a ship, both clearly exhausted and bedraggled. This image has become popular because of how well it depicts the madness that often unfolds within the scripts of the show.

    4. The Wedding Squanchers

    An episode centered on deception and/or mistaken identity, The Wedding Squanchers sees Rick bring his nephew’s family to the wedding of one of his old friends. This episode became notable due to the incredibly detailed artwork depicting an alien environment full of characters from the show. The presence of the entire Smith family in an alien environment led to some particularly hilarious situations, and it showed in the episode's ratings how well this episode was handled. Additionally, a number of witty quotes appeared in this episode which became popular with fans.

    5. Pickle Rick

    A very recent episode, Pickle Rick is one of the zaniest premises of any episode of the show yet. In this episode, Rick turns himself into a pickle. What results of Rick’s transformation is a pickle-tastic pickle fest full of pickle jokes. This episode is a continuation of an ongoing storyline in the show, so it didn’t receive the same level of praise as earlier storyline episodes or debut episodes like Rickshank Rickdemption.

    Now you understand some of the things that made the top five episodes of Rick and Morty what they are. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll never find yourself put on the spot by someone throwing references at you because of your Rick and Morty t-shirt! Knowing the show will bring you a greater appreciation of the shirt you’ll no doubt purchase, and might even win you a few pop-culture trivia matches at your local trivia night.

    When you’re ready to get a shirt of your own (or another shirt if you already own one), come by our store at www.yourfavoritetshirts.com and see for yourself what we have to offer!

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