How to Buy Genuine Super Hero, Anime Printed Home Goods

Jun 22nd 2018

Can you think of a month in which you haven’t bought any home goods like printed bottle, coaster, drinkware, glassware, ice cube tray, lunch box, magnets, pillow, towel, or blanket?

Printed Superman Logo Bottle Online

We know that it’s next to impossible to figure out this. Knowingly and unknowingly, the needs and interests arise and you place an order online or buy it from your nearby store. Home goods featuring a print of your favorite superhero, cartoon character, TV show, movie or band are highly popular amidst kids and adults. Here is a quick guide on how to get value for the money you invest in.

It is Good to be a Skeptic

Curiosity lets you explore the positive things about a product, but skepticism makes you explore the limitations of the product. In a world, where the market is crowded with duplicate or not-so-good products, that innate human character to doubt on something helps you to assess the quality and stay away from fake ones.

When you buy a refrigerator magnet, or printed pillow, towel, blanket or any other item, make sure the product owner is duly licensed to create and market such a product. Check the manufacturing or marketing license number or other details. Your vendor must display all on the product or should mention it in the invoice generated.


Know About the Raw Materials

Don’t get swayed by the look and appearance of a home goods, also know about the raw materials used in it. In the customer-centric economy, all manufacturers and marketers are bound to make the information available. You should be very particular about the materials used while purchasing home goods like a lunch box, drinkware and glassware as what you eat or drink from it is going to affect your health. There are several plastics and dyes that get dissolved into food and cause harm to the consumer’s health. Check whether the product is “Officially Licensed” by the owner of brand franchise. Officially licensed products are quality checked.


How Durable is the Print

Not many vendors are going to willingly disclose this to customers, but being an informed customer you should ask for it. Check their FAQs or other pages. To fix the impression of your favorite character on the fabric, magnet, drinkware, glassware or any other item, selected print technologies like direct printing (a dye is used to add color directly to fabric), digital fabric printing, dye sublimation, etc., are used. The longevity of the print depends on the technology, base and the raw materials used.


Check Reviews and Ratings

This is the easiest way to figure out the worth of a product you are going to buy. Whether you buy from the parental website or any third-party like Amazon or eBay, you are likely to come across a host of reviews. Take note of the experience of customers who bought the same product. Brands also highlight their top-selling or top-rated products. Social pages of a brand convey the customer experience too. All this, in turn, can help you make a better choice.

Compare Similar Products

Comparison helps with more than just having a better understanding of the price. You can know about the merits and demerits of a product design, type or raw material and learn trends. Do intra-comparison (within a store with other products offered by other brands) as well as inter-comparison (between two or more stores). Once you are thorough with information on licensing, raw materials, reviews and ratings, and prices take into account warranty terms including refund or return, or exchange. If you are not satisfied with the delivered products, make sure not to use them. Inform your vendor and do as its policy terms to return, seek refund or exchange successfully.