How to Buy Summer Cool Printed T-Shirts for Men

May 5th 2018

Summer is round the corner! It’s time to retire winter or woolen dresses from the wardrobe and welcome the appropriate summer cool ones. However, summer dressing comes with its own challenges. Style, look and comfort – you have to strike a perfect balance across all aspects while choosing a summer T-shirt for men. Here are some cool ideas to buy some trendy and happening  summer printed T-shirts.

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Tip 1: Pay Attention to the Fit of Your T-Shirt

One of the most irritating things about summer wear is fabricthat sticks to the skin, especially when your body perspires duringtravelling, workouts or just being outside in the heat.

To avoid this, pick a T-shirt that has got extra inches in the waist, chest and shoulder. This will make you feel comfortable and help avoid development of rashes or hotspot on skin. This also adds extra life to the cloth as it won’t struggle to adjust to your body’s movement.

Tip 2: Choose a Lightweight Fabric that Breathes

The fabric quality is of utmost importance in deciding your  summer apparel. A fabric that breathes or allows the air to pass through is easily the best for summer. It supports the normal evaporation process and makes your skin feel cool, irrespective of the external temperature. Cotton and silk have no substitute. However, you can rely on standalone or mixed synthetic fabrics like linen, rayon, georgette, etc., too.

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Tip 3: Pay Attention to the Print Quality

Your printed T-shirt design expresses your love for your cartoon or superhero character, movie or TV show. Isn’t it? What if the print fades away in weeks or months after a few washes? Obviously, you will feel cheated.

Hence, while going for a character  printed T-shirt, it’s a must that you check the print quality. Nowadays, there are a number of fabric print techniques in use from screen printing (applies ink directly onto clothing and fabric using mesh screens) and dye sublimation (design is first put on a transfer paper and then heat-pressed on the garment) to vinyl printing (designs are cut from vinyl materials and applied on the garment) and beyond.

Tip 4: Go for the Right Length T-Shirt

Summer outfits are supposed to be extra flexible and most of the times, you might feel comfortable keeping your t-shirt un-tucked. Hence, it’s important to pay attention at the length of the T-shirt. How to confirm that? Put on the t-shirt and raise your arms aligning them parallel to your ears. Does it expose your midrib section? If yes, it’s short. Try another.

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Tip 5: Pick Your Favorite - Neck/Sleeve Type T-Shirt

Round or V-shaped, collar or without collar, buttons or without buttons, half-sleeve or full-sleeve – it all depends on what suits you best. Explore through your favorite store to find the perfect match according to your physique.