Knowing the Star Character of a Dragon Ball Z Vegeta T-shirt


One of the recurring themes in the hit manga and anime series Dragon Ball Z is the transformation of enemies into friends. Vegeta, once one of the greatest dangers to Earth and one of the cruelest enemies the heroes of Dragon Ball Z ever fought, grew as a person to become a good father to his children, a good husband to his wife, and a good friend to the man who was once his enemy. With Dragon Ball Z’s follow-up series Dragon Ball Super airing now, it’s understandable that you or a loved one might want to buy a Dragon Ball Z Vegeta t-shirt to show off your love of this incredible character. Before you buy, though, read through this brief rundown of Vegeta’s history and influence over the incredible manga and anime series.

1. The Saiyan Saga


Dragon Ball Z, as many fans will know, is roughly organized into a series of “sagas” which tend to encompass a single story arc. The Saiyan Saga follows Goku through the arrival of Raditz, an alien humanoid who, like Goku, has a tail. Raditz informs Goku of his true origins and tells Goku that he is his brother. Raditz attempts to kidnap Goku’s son and additionally reveals that the Saiyans have a plan to conquer Earth. Goku and his friends and family are able to just barely defeat Raditz, only to find out that a more powerful fighter is on the way.

The incoming challenger is none other than Vegeta. Goku, having sacrificed himself in order to defeat Raditz, is in the afterlife until he can traverse the incredibly long “Snake Way,” a road from heaven that leads back to the world of the living. While he makes this journey, Goku’s son is training to hopefully be able to challenge Vegeta and his side-kick Nappa.

Vegeta and Nappa wreak destruction across the Earth, unable to be stopped by the heroes who remain on Earth. Goku arrives back from to Earth from the afterlife just in time to challenge Vegeta with his son. Vegeta proves an incredible challenge and is only able to be defeated when Goku’s son, Gohan, transforms into an incredible beast. This hidden power of all Saiyans proves to be a major storyline plot.

After his defeat, Vegeta is spared by Goku, who sees potential in him and recognizes his incredible power. After he flees Earth to return to his commander, an evil dictator named Frieza, he is able to recover his strength once again.

Dragon Ball Z Vegeta t-shirts from this saga are likely to depict Vegeta as a villain and opponent of the heroes and are likely to show him wearing his Saiyan battle armor.

2. The Frieza Saga


Vegeta, following his recovery, realizes that Frieza is hoping to attain immortality by using the mystic Dragon Balls on the planet Namek. Realizing that this would force him into service under the cruel ruler for the rest of his life, Vegeta decides to defect, ultimately becoming a reluctant ally to Goku and company (after a few unfortunate disagreements, of course.)

In the end, Vegeta is killed by Frieza along with a number of other allies. Goku overcomes Frieza by transforming into a Super Saiyan in an unforeseen revelation of his power. Unfortunately, the battle between the two super powered fighters damaged the planet enough to destroy it, and Goku was killed in the collapse of the planet.Using the Dragon Balls, Goku’s allies are able to revive everyone except Goku, who, for an unknown reason, cannot be revived.

Vegeta’s appearance in this saga is very similar to his appearance in the Saiyan saga, though he is often depicted in cooperation with the hero characters.

3. Trunks Saga and Beyond


The Trunks Saga finds Vegeta more or less homeless, as his home world and previous leader are both gone. Bulma, a close friend of Goku, has compassion for the displaced warrior and gives him a home by calling on favors from her father’s megacorporation. Over time, Vegeta and Bulma grow closer, despite Vegeta’s curmudgeonly attitude. The appearance of a mysterious fighter from the future ultimately reveals that Vegeta will someday have a son with none other than Bulma. Neither Vegeta nor Bulma is made privy to this information, but, instead, build an organic relationship over the following sagas.

After the Trunks Saga, Vegeta slowly eases into a new role as a teacher and friend of Goku and his family. He is, from then on, depicted as a tough and stubborn ally of the heroes of Dragon Ball Z, and ultimately his training with Goku results in both of them growing much stronger. Together, they teach their children much of what they learned.

Dragon Ball Z Vegeta t-shirts from the Trunks Saga and beyond will most frequently depict him as a hero and as a father instead of as a villain. His redemption arc is one that many find inspiring to display on clothing.

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