Top 5 Funko Apparels and Collectibles

May 15th 2018

Kids are big fans of funko apparels and  collectibles. At Your Favorite T-Shirts, bridging fans with their idols is our mission. We take pleasure in reading the happy signs and making it contagious. Here is a roundup of top 5 funko apparels and collectibles that fascinate kids and adults alike.

1.Funko Pop Batman for Kids

funko Vinyl Action Figure

The fictional superhero is no more an action figure created out of vinyl or any other material, but a cultural icon of America. It’s common to see a penchant among kids for Batman. They not only take pleasure in reading, playing or watching Batman comic books, video games, or cartoon adaptations but also love having the  Funko Batman Pop Heroes collection in various shapes and facial expressions. Parents and adults are not much behind in collecting Batman toys. They love to place fun Funko toys on their desks. For buying colourful and stylish funko pop online, browse our store.

2.Funko Pop Key Chains

Funko Pop Keychain

Funko key chains in the shape of Dragon Ball Z Goku or Vegeta, Disney Tinkerbell, Doctor Who, Fallout 4 Power Amror and DC Justice League, among other superhero or cartoon characters are highly popular amidst Millennial and Generation X. They find it thrilling to hold and use keys attached with the funko pop vinyl figures. Some vendors make it more attractive by attaching a piece of magnet to its base that can hold it to any metallic surface with grace.

3.Funko Mugs

Funko Pop Coffee Mug

Funko pop figures have made their entry into our kitchen too. Parents find  funko mugs quite persuasive when it comes to making their kids drink healthy shakes, juices, milk or energy drinks, which they are reluctant to take otherwise. These drinkware often come in different shapes and sizes to suit individual needs. Most of them are made out of ceramics as it’s easy to emboss the material with funko pop figures and mould it into the desired shape without affecting the food grade quality. For plastic funko tumbler or heat-reactive mugs, pick up quality-checked licensed drinkware, declared food grade safe.

4.Funko Hikari

Funko Hikari Vinyl Figure

Kids and adults, especially sports enthusiasts are passionate about collecting  Funko Hikari toys as the character Hikari no Densetsu is originally associated with a magna series character, who was keen on becoming a rhythmic gymnastics champion. Interestingly, the character has evolved over the time, and you can see its several adaptions in funko pop figures inspired by the latest movies, comics and cartoon releases.

5.Funko Shirts

printed Junior tShirt

The craze for  funko shirts is on the rise. You can notice men and kids walking in style wearing funko T-shirts featuring the print of funko-styled superman, Wonder Woman, Rick and Morty, Star Wars logo and so on. However, choose your t-shirt meticulously taking into account the fabric and print quality besides style and trends. Explore cheap funko pop online to find your favorite t-shirt design.

Hope you liked our list of funko merchandise. However, if you think, we have skipped something, comment it below. Your opinion will help others to make the right choice and us to create the right funko dress or collectible.