Why online superhero fandom has emerged as a style statement lately

Sep 17th 2018

In recent years, the comic book industry has seen a significant increase in number of enthusiastic fans around the globe. This phenomenon first surfaced in early 2000 when some of the first live-action superhero movies were released and picked up pace with emergence of systematic franchises like Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

These superhero movies brought several merchandises with them, most of which is available online to buy in several countries. The merchandise includes clothing line, toys, and other accessories like bags, posters, and decorative items etc.

Superhero merchandise on the go

Both comic book giants, Marvel and DC, have got several items to offer to their dedicated fans. Some of the popular ones available online are Batman and Green Lantern t-shirts, X-Men and The Avengers hoodies, and other comic book t-shirts, shirts, and sweatshirts.

                                        Printed Green Lantern Tees

                                              Printed Batman Pullover Hoodie

                                                Printed X-Men T-Shirt

Superhero fashion as style statement

Several toys and collectibles are also available online to buy like Spider-Man action figure, Batman Funko Pop figure, Iron Man bobble-head etc. besides it, a number of accessories like key-chains, backpacks, jewelries, and footwear have been popular among superhero fans too. For teenagers and young fans, these apparels and accessories are a way to show their fandom to the world. They are not just the regular fans who want to stick to the comic books or cartoons or movies, but want to own a piece of their favorite superhero.

The Bottom-line

The current superhero trend has evolved into a cultural trend lately, with devoted fans all around the world showing their passion and enthusiasm for superhero stories and movies. What started as a pop culture movement has transformed into a cult-like fandom and it seems it is only going to increase in coming years, or even month. Hence, the superhero merchandise is only going to get much bigger and will include more items in order to fulfill the demands of ever-growing fans.