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Heat Reactive Mugs & Why They’re So Popular


With the cold weather still approaching us in these ever-changing winter months, there’s a great thing to have in your accessory during these frigid times: a heat reactive mug. Now, that means all the comic book fans, anime nerds, and true nerds alike need to rejoice: There are Dragon Ball Z and Rick and Morty heat reactive mugs for sale, selling out through the Your Favorite T-Shirts website.

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The items being featured have an array of different displays on each mug. The Rick and Morty one, for example, has our two favorite time travelers on the front of the coffee cup. Rick and Morty first premiered in the year 2013 through Adult Swim and has received a huge following since then. When you put a hot liquid inside the cup, such as hot coffee or hot water, though, it slowly reveals the infamous green portal that the two heroes go through in each one of their insane adventures.

Another example is the heat resistant mugs from Dragon Ball Z. This show has been around for almost thirty years, as it premiered in Japan in the year 1989, and gained a great following in the US during the ‘90s. There’s one with Goku doing the Super Saiyan, and the mug is black. When you add water to it, his powers come alive, and the fire slowly starts to come onto the cup, where you can embrace Goku fully raising his power level and show his super saiyan form. There’s also one of the character Trunks, Vegeta’s son, on the front of the cup, looking ready for battle. When a hot liquid is added to the cup, you can slowly see Trunks begin to appear on the side, wielding a sword, and the phrase “’You’re about to find out what it’s like to fight a real Super Saiyan, and I’m not talking about Goku.’” As long as the mug is hot, the colors and effects will stay that way.


Who doesn’t want to be reminded of their favorite superhero or TV character while drinking their favorite drink? It not only allows you to bring out your inner fan, but you can be nostalgic, reminiscent, and content with this popular item. Now, these mugs are popular because they bring out the true creativity, imagery, and nostalgia of each series, and each fan is connected to the shows in a plethora of different ways. Whether you have just started embracing a series or have been a die hard fanatic of the C-137 Dimension or the Super Saiyan, these mugs are here for you to acknowledge, embrace, and hold.